Friday, March 12, 2010

Trojan Night

Yannis Yortsos, dean of Viterbi school of engineering at USC was in Bangalore this week and a dinner was organized for Viterbi alumni on Wednesday. It was great to attend a USC event in Bangalore and I was amazed to see so many engineering alums living in the city. We were greeted by a group of youngsters who have applied to USC for fall 2010 and have been accepted by the school. There were probably close to 20 alumni at the dinner. There was a fairly large group from USC accompanying the dean. Plus some USC supporters and sponsors were also in attendance.

It was good to see old friends Ashok Das and Ashok Gopinath at the dinner. Ashok Das and I were roommates during our days at USC and now we are living in Bangalore. What a trip! Another old roommate Pradeep Hiremath is somewhere in Bangalore but did not make it to the event.

I was assigned a seat next to the dean by chance. Aanish had coached, coaxed and begged me to put in a good word for him as he is aiming to attend USC in 2011. I hope I didn't hurt his chances too much. Yannis gave a short presentation about USC and it was good to hear that the school was doing well and doing some interesting things in the engineering program.

Hope that this is a beginning of a thriving Trojan network in Bangalore which will definitely grow in the coming years.

Fight On!!