Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bangalore Calling ...

It has finally happened! The idea germinated over a year ago. Mona and I started talking about the possibility of spending some time in India in late 2005. I visited India a few times on business in late 2005 and early 2006 and was overwhelmed at the growth and development taking place in the country. The pace of change was overwhelming. The country has transformed in the last decade. I wanted to be part of this excitement. We were also ready for a lifestyle change. Living in India at this stage of our lives would be very different from living in Los Angeles. We could use this opportunity to reconnect with the place and travel to other places within the region. This adventure would also provide Aanish and Ayaana with a unique experience of living in and experiencing a foreign culture in a deep and meaningful way. Finally, this also enables us to get in touch with a lot of family and friends who live in the country.

It’s been a long journey to get here but it has finally happened. A good opportunity came along to setup a company that would offer creative services to media companies and publishers out of Bangalore. I arrived in the city on October 30th. The first week has been quite hectic with work as well as adjusting to my new home. But I intend to start blogging about this more regularly. So stay tuned.


R Waller said...

Good for you. Hope you and your family have a great time.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you all have decided to live in India for some time. It will give us all a chance to reconnect and the kids to get to know one another. Kishor and I are trying for jobs inan international school in B'lore so that we can relocate from Kenya