Monday, December 04, 2006

Food fit for a "toothless" king!

I know, I know! My every other posting on this blog has something to do with food. It's probably because I am a food lover living in a food paradise. But I hope you are keeping track of my restaurant recommendations.

The latest one I must comment on is a place called Golconda Chimney. I visited this place with my cousins on Sunday. This restaurant is well known for it's kababs and deserves it's high reputation. The piece de resistance here is something called Kakori Kabab. This kabab was first prepared by the cooks of the Nawab of Kakori in Awadh. Legend has it that the Nawab had lost his teeth but not his strong craving for Kababs. These kababs are so soft, that they literally melt in your mouth. Apparently, the secret is the right proportion of papaya mixed in with spiced minced meat.

Simply, mouth-watering delicious!!!


Anonymous said...

good...keep it up. We expect to be fed like piggies on our next trip to Bangalore. I will likely need to lose 20 pounds in order to prepare for this culinary onslaught! Meat rules - sorry furry cute animals.


Anonymous said...

I hope you got the recipe.


aanish said...

did the Nawab get a pair of teeth like George Washington's

Anonymous said...

Aww man I am hungry now! All I had today was a burger and fries.

-Danyaal :P

That was suposed to be a person with his tongue sticking out. See the two eyes,the mouth and the tongue.