Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to school

Monday was the first day of school. Parents were required to accompany new students. Aanish and Ayaana are joining school in mid-term and we are all anxious. The drive to school is longer than expected (a 5-minute stop at a railroad crossing did not help matters either). The road (if you can call it that) to Indus School is undeveloped for a large stretch with potholes the size of a small Jacuzzi! Driving this stretch in a mini cab makes you feel like you are in a cartoon show.

None of this really matter when you pull up to the gates of the school. The school campus is gorgeous. You could be inside a palace or at a Las Vegas casino! There are beautiful Romanesque buildings surrounded by spectacular gardens on a forty acre property. Classrooms are big, neat and well organized. The indoor sports complex is huge and the outdoor swimming pool looks inviting. The administrative staff is extremely helpful and courteous.

We had the opportunity to attend the school assembly in the outdoor amphitheater. After the school prayer, the principal welcomed the students back to the new term. This was followed by a series of announcements followed by introductions of new teachers. The older boys were chided by a school official for their long hair. These students were told to return to school the next day with hair cuts or pay a visit to the school barber. The assembly ended with the Indian national anthem, which remarkably both Mona and I were able to recite from memory!


Anonymous said...

Wow! A swimming pool and a sports complex!!! That school is amazing.
-Danyaal :)

Mick said...

Can you sign me up for that school? Pick some easy classes.

Do you know what's on the lunch menu? It's always about the food for me. Please don't say chicken tikka masala. I just won't be able to handle that.


aanish said...

on the school menu it changes every day sometimes its chicken tikka masala and sometimes its roti and dal and for desert there is custard brownie peach cobbler