Friday, January 26, 2007

Honey, I shrunk the sticks!

One of the thing that strikes you about India is the "smallness" of everything. From buses to elevators to fruits to match sticks - stuff is small here. I had not noticed this until one day I was making toast and picked up a match box to light the stove. The match sticks were about five times smaller in length and volume compared to their counterparts in North America.

Then I started noticing this all around me. Tea cups, plastic bags, soda cans, sandwiches etc. are all much smaller than what we are used to. Perhaps this is a conscious conservation effort. Maybe there is a desire to limit waste. Or probably Indians are just not into BIG. Whatever the reason, the consequences of this are positive. Humans buy less, use less and consume less over here.

One exception to this are billboards - which are too many and too big. But this is a topic for an entire post. Stay tuned!

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