Monday, January 01, 2007

The Move

M-day is finally here and we are going through mixed emotions. We are excited and enthusiastic about our upcoming adventure while being sad about leaving our home and friends and anxious about the challenges ahead.

Our cousins, Umesh and Trupti along with their daughters Dvisha and Brinda were driving us to the airport. Our life was neatly packed in eight chec-in luggage (carefully optimized by me to meet the 50lb Lufthansa airline weight limit) and six carry-on (caution thrown to the wind as far as weight is concerned) bags. I was convinced that we would need a fleet of cars or a U-Haul truck to carry all of this to the airport. But Umesh’s Chevy Suburban fit it all … and all the passengers as well! I have renewed respect for this beast of steel.

Check-in and security at the airport was extremely smooth and our flight took of on time (German punctuality at its best). New Years eve was on the plane as we flew over Mumbai. Champagne was served on the plane and the passengers cheered as the captain heralded in 2007. Not quite the “dropping of the ball in Times Square” but definitely beats the heck out of curling up on a cramped airline seat and trying to catch a wink of sleep.

Arrival in Bangalore would have been totally uneventful except for the fact that one of our eight bags did not make it from Frankfurt. This delayed our exit from airport since we had to wait for all the bags to be unloaded and file a lost baggage complaint. All in all, a fairly good trip and we are now in Bangalore – our new home for the next couple of years.


debbie ann said...

We are in the process of moving from SF to Bangalore, so I am following your blog with interest. We posted about our visit here:

We are moving in Feb.

Anonymous said...

we're glad you all made it there safely. What a way to start off a New Year! Hope you guys all have a lot of fun and can't wait to see you there. We miss you already - and the reality of it all has not quiet set in yet.


marsha said...

Glad you had a safe flightto Bangalore. Did you find the missing bag? How are the children liking Bangalore? Goodluck to them in their new school and new life


Anonymous said...

Good luck! We wish all of you the very best in the upcoming years and hopefully we can catch you in LA at some point. I'll be in touch through email.


Charles said...

Hi Pervez, debbieann is my partner, it looks like we'll be moving in early February. I noticed that you seem to be working on Lavelle Rd? I'm going to be right around the corner on Vittal Mallya Rd. I'd love to compare notes some time after we've arrived!

Best of luck with the move, and I look forward to reading all about it.

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