Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Rose Bowl 2007

The biggest tragedy about the timing of our trip for my son was the fact that we would miss the USC/Michigan Rose Bowl game. He is a die-hard Trojan fan and sports fanatic and could not imagine missing the game of the year.

Under the circumstances, I did what any good, caring father would do for their child. I woke up at 4AM and accessed a near real-time play-by-play game update on my Blackberry. If you have never experienced the joy of staring at football game updates on a tiny screen at an ungodly hour with an excited twelve year old while your head is pounding from lack of sleep, I highly recommend it! This was the best experience I have had watching football in years. No peanuts, nachos, beer and big screen TV, but just bleary eyed excitement at 6am in the morning.

Best of all, USC won 32-11! Fight on.

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aanish said...

i was already awake and i already knew about yahoo play by play.