Thursday, February 22, 2007

A truly "International" Experience

I am in Zurich attending the 2-day the 17th World Newspaper Advertising Conference and Expo and am blown away at the global-ness of this event. It is truly one of the most unique conferences I have attended in my life. Over 500 participants from 65 countries are in attendance including is a large delegation from India. The presentations and Q&A were in four or five different languages. There are over a dozen translators here that are translating the proceedings in real-time. Sophisticated headsets and audio controls enable participants to select the language of their choice.

What is most interesting is the the common nature of the challenges and opportunities that all participants face in their respective businesses. Almost everyone is talking about the impact of media convergence on the future of newspapers and new opportunities in the multi-media space. The forum is a really great example of a truly global platform for shared learnings and interconnectedness.

And on a personal note, it is great to be back in Zurich. The place has brought back fond memories. Mona and I were here in 1992 on our honeymoon!

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