Sunday, February 04, 2007

Wanted: Brides and Grooms

The matrimonial ads in the Sunday Times are an interesting read. No, there has not been a change in my marital status. I am still very much in love with and devoted to my wife. But I like to read these ads because I believe that they provide a good reflection on current social and cultural trends in a country.

There are over four full pages of matrimonial classifieds in the Sunday Times – over 600 ads! Ads are split evenly for prospective brides and grooms and are organized in the following categories: Caste, Community, Language, Religion, Profession and Nationality. There is a special category for NRIs (Non-Resident Indians).

Top three characteristics being sought for brides? Fair, tall and slim.
For grooms? Professional, well qualified and well placed (in a good job!).

Most ads are placed by the parents or close relatives. Ads placed by men or on their behalf are typically larger and use highlights such as color, borders, special fonts etc. This might indicate that men are having a bit more difficulty in finding mates than women.

Here’s my favorite one among the lot:

Tall, Fair, Athletic 35 years,
looks younger independently settled
30 Lacs annually
seeks independent & educated Como girl.
Caste no bar.

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Aman said...

You made me nervous when I saw you were looking at these ads! Its sad to see that "fair" is one of the top requirements.