Monday, May 05, 2008

The Show Must Go On ...

Yesterday, the William Joseph Academy of Fine Arts had it's fifth annual music program at the St. John's auditorium in Bangalore. Both Aanish and Ayaana are students at the academy. Aanish is learning guitar while Ayaana is continuing with her piano lessons. Both of them performed yesterday in front of about 300 or so parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and fellow students and of course their own proud parents!

The show was in an outdoor amphitheater which has a beautiful setting. Around 50-60 students performed with their music teachers. This was Aanish's first performance ever and he aced it! Ayaana was her usual confident self and did her piece flawlessly. It was a formal program and all the boys were dressed in white shirts, black pants, black shoes and red ties while the girls were in white tops and black skirts or black pants. Everyone was looking very smart and professional.

There was even a special treat for mothers (for the upcoming mother's day). Dr. Ashley, who heads the center, sang a tribute to motherhood while roses were distributed to mothers in the audience.


Anonymous said...

Can you post the address and phone numbers for the academy?

Mick said...

Can't wait to hear Aanish play (as well as have him teach me a few things!) - mick