Friday, August 22, 2008

Blog Hall of Fame!!!

Recognition, at last!!! I have now been blogging for close to two years (since October 2006) about our experiences living in Bangalore after spending twenty years in Los Angeles. I am fully aware of my limited audience and actually personally know each and every one of my five loyal readers (not counting myself). After a long 18 month period, fame is actually at my doorstep.

Timeout is a global lifestyle and entertainment magazine with editions in major cities around the world. Last month, the magazine was launched in Bangalore. And the launch edition had a review of my blog and a clip from it. I am sure this will drive millions of visitors to this site (Blogger beware!). I might have to switch to the ad-supported version of my blog. High traffic, high volume of ads, $$$$!!! Retirement - here I come.


Anonymous said...

Well at least web ad design should not be a problem.

BobPal said...

Did you count me?

Latha said...

hahaha wish retirement were that easy to attain! :-)
Count me in too....