Friday, October 17, 2008

Entrepreneurship in high gear

I was invited to participate in a networking event with students at Mahaveer Jain College. The goal was to create some interaction between entrepreneurs and students so that the students get some exposure to real-world startups and receive mentorship and guidance. The event was organized as a Commodities Trading game - complete with a trading floor. Each team comprised of an entrepreneur and a couple of students. Teams were given some cash and a portfolio of commodities. The teams then engaged in active trading in 4 sessions within an hour. At the end portfolios were measured and the winner was announced. Any guesses at who came in at first place .... yours truly!

The event was organized by National Entrepreneurship Network - a group focused on promoting entrepreneurship through education. It was an awesome event and I was impressed with the all the participants. Many of the entrepreneurs are creating interesting products and services that are likely to change how we live, work and play in the future. Level of interest among the students was extremely high and I can bet that some of those who participated in today's event will be successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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