Saturday, January 03, 2009

Out with the old, In with the New

As we bring in a new year, it is but inevitable that one is going to reflect back on the prior year because history is the best teacher for the future! 2008 was a mixed year for us. We are now completely settled in Bangalore and this has become very much a home for us. The children are growing up into adults with their own personalities but with a very important skill - adaptability and flexibility. The worse effects of the global economic recessions have not been felt in India and even the most conservative estimates are predicting a 5% growth in GDP for 2009. Mona has never been busier in life both socially and professionally. 2AdPro is doing well and I enjoy most of my time there (there are always moments when you would rather be in a dentist's chair!). And then, this was the year that the US elected its first African American president. Way to go, America!

But this year has also been marred by many unfortunate events. Hate filled terrorists have continued to wage a war against innocents throughout the world. We experienced bomb blasts in Bangalore and Istanbul. The recent shooting and bombing incident in Mumbai left all of us cold and in a state of shock. Israel is attacking Hamas as we speak and a conflict is brewing in every part of the world.

My biggest hope for 2009 is that violence and terror will lose and peace will prevail. How is this going to happen? I feel that it has to happen from within each human being. We must all identify the hate in ourselves against anything and anybody and destroy it. No new leader of the free world or a prophet from the stars will solve this problem. We have to step up to this and each one needs to do his/her part in building a peaceful and tolerant world.

Happy New Year!

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