Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Show me the money!

I have been back in the US for less than 24 hours but the enormity of the economic crisis and the criticality of a stimulus plan is clearly obvious. This hit me hardest when I read about Starbucks plans to lower prices of its signature coffees and offer combo breakfasts. The news on TV and newspapers is full of tales of layoffs, shutdowns, closures etc. International travel is down! Cost-effective valentines day gifts are being promoted! None of this is a major surprise because we have been constantly reading about this - but being in the eye of the storm makes it much more real.

The senate is scheduled to vote on the stimulus package today. I have been hearing a lot of debate on this but really hope that it passes. The country needs a real shot in the arm (one on either arm and possibly a couple in the butt!) to get things slowly moving back on track.

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Radman said...

I dont like your metaphor. it is usually the calmest in the eye of the storm.