Monday, March 02, 2009

Leadership Camp Report

Ayaana is back from her one-week Leadership Camp in beautiful Coorg. I am not 100% sure but it feels like she has grown taller and her self-confidence is higher! But then - that could be a doting father speaking.

Jokes aside - the camp sounds like a lot of fun. Coorg (also known as Scotland of India) is a resort in Karnataka near the border of Kerala. Almost 50 seventh graders spent a week at camp in a coffee plantation learning team and leadership skills. Activities ranged from trekking and rapelling to survival cooking and hanging around bonfires. One night, the students learnt how to pitch tents and spent the night in tents.

I have never been to Coorg but Ayaana claims that the scenery is out of this world. The pictures she took on her digital camera confirms this.

After a week of bonding with nature, the kids returned home on Saturday - after making a lunch stop at .... you guessed it - McDonalds!!!!

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Radman said...

Never been to Coorg. Had a friend once who was very fond of Coorg cuisine.