Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Hong Kong Journal

Hong Kong is now on my favorite city list. This is our first visit to this Asian capital and it is everything that I had imagined and more. An interesting blend of the modern and the ancient - Hong Kong is truly a rich and engaging experience for anybody. The first sight of Hong Kong are the tall and narrow skyscrapers densely packed together and reaching up to the sky. The other side of Hong Kong is on display as you start walking in the crowded markets with neon-lit signs and street vendors beckoning you with their wares.

The city is a delight for foodies. The best food is found on the streets of Hong Kong in tiny roadside stalls or small cafes. Streets are lined with noodle bars and cafes servings everything from traditional pan-fried noodles to the unconventional pig knuckles. We had a great time feasting on the traditional and not-so-traditional cuisine but staying away from the unconventional. Aanish was ecstatic to find Starbucks at every street corner and Ayaana had to have ice creams and cakes every couple of hours!

The place is also a shopping mecca (if you are into it!). We window-shopped at the high end retail outlets on Nathan Street but really enjoyed the packed markets selling counterfeit burberry bags and Arsenal jerseys. Hong Kong is not a destination for sight seeing and there are limited places of interest to see. We did make our way to Lantau Island to see the giant Buddha statue and took the night tram to Victoria Peak for stunning views of Hong Kong.

We will spend another day in transit during our return to Bangalore and eating good food will be on the top of the list of things to do!

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