Friday, August 14, 2009

Delicious Chaos!

It has been exactly two weeks since our return to Bangalore. We are back in the midst of chaos, unruly traffic, noise, pollution ... and are LOVING it! We did not realize how much we missed Bangalore until we are back here. I guess you sort of get used to the nuttiness of the place after some time.

We knew that we were back in India when we got invited to a birthday party on the day we returned. Social life was back in high gear! Everything at the apartment was in order. Our next door neighbors had kept an eye on the place and our housekeeper had kept it nice and clean.

Past two weeks have been madness as we transitioned back into our life in India. Kids still had a week of vacation left. But both Mona and I were plunged deep into our work from day one. I had a ton of stuff to catch up in Bangalore and Chennai while Mona decided to add yet another task (membership to the Parent Advisory Committee at Indus School) to her already busy portfolio of projects.

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