Monday, September 07, 2009

King of Pop

"The ghost of Michael Jackson is here", informed Pushpa, our housekeeper in Bangalore. Michael Jackson had died while we were in Los Angeles. Mona and I belong to the generation that grew up on Thriller and Bad. We experienced the media frenzy following his death. But we never fully understood his global reach and appeal until we were back in India.

Our housekeeper seemed to know every detail about Michael Jackson's life. The Kannada TV channels broadcast every detail about Michael's life, his music, the Neverland ranch, his kids etc. and everybody was watching it with fascination. The employee newsletter at my company featured the King of Pop on the cover. Music stores are featuring his old and newly released albums (which are flying off the shelves). News items about the "ghost" of the king of pop appearing on TV did not go unnoticed in India.

Pop culture knows no boundaries and unites us all from Hollywood to Bangalore!

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