Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Final Day

I really meant to post an entry at the end of each work day. But I was completely beat by the time the day ended and we invariably had some event that we had to attend in the evening. So I will be posting several entries over the next couple of days summarizing our experiences during the week.

Friday was the last day of the build and we are now on our way to Bangkok. By the end of the week, our backs were aching, fingers were hurting and legs were throbbing with pain. There are blisters on our hands and our bodies are sore. But there is one thing for sure - we will be back on another Habitat project whenever the opportunity comes up!

The past week was one of the most wonderful, fun and memorable week in our lives. It was a week during which we toiled like never before. Mona and I spent over nine hours each day moving and laying heavy cement blocks, mixing concrete and mortar, pouring cement and gravel, grouting walls, installing doors and windows, assisting with the installation of the roof, building walls etc. etc. For somebody who struggles with changing bulbs and hanging picture frames - I would say this was pretty impressive.

During the week, we met some amazing people and have made lifelong friends. On day one, we were a group of strangers from different parts of the world who traveled to Thailand with a common goal. By the last day, we were a tight group of friends who helped each other throughout the week and shared a little bit of ourselves with each other in the process. We came from different cultures and different backgrounds. We spoke in different languages (those who spoke English spoke in different accents!). But we all came together to build and help create a new beginning for a young Thai family. About twenty of us built a new house in five days. Two thousand volunteers created a community of eighty two homes. We can change the world and make a real difference. All we need is the desire and will to do so.

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