Saturday, April 03, 2010

My story

Last week the senior management team of 2adpro spent a couple of days at a leadership development boot camp. One of the activities that the team had to engage in required each one of us to write a story in eleven minutes. I used to write short stories when I was a teenager but I don't think I have written one in a couple of decades. But I did come up with one and was quite proud of it and wanted to share:

Love Story

He sat next to her, as she lay comatose on the hospital bed. Her bruised and injured body and her labored breathing filled him with grief. He couldn’t help but reflect back on the decades of togetherness and hundreds of joyous moments they had together. He couldn’t imagine being away from her and living life without her.

The accident was a painful memory in his mind. He couldn’t believe that he missed seeing the truck speeding towards him on the highway. Perhaps they were lost in each other’s eyes and locked in conversation at that time.

His heart leapt as he saw her eyes flutter and he noticed some movement in her limbs. As she started mumbling, he began to lose the sensation of her hands in his. As she started to gain consciousness, his own started fading away. Sadness filled him as his life and soul disappeared.


Sorcerer said...

good one..
beautiful effort buddy:)

I liked it

Pearly passion said...

Gosh was so abrupt and so sad!! I would almost feel her hand going limp!
Thanks for sharing.

Kitta said...

One of those moments one hopes never comes true - could happen to anyone at anytime. Good job.