Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nourishment for the soul

I am back in the US and the usual highlight of my trip is the pursuit of comfort food. My first stop was New York and I was staying a block away from Times Square. So a hot dog and kebab in a pita at a roadside food cart was a must. And it did not disappoint one bit. I had to get my regular dose of Mexican food and the following day found a Baja Fresh in the area. It is of course the best of best in Mexican fast food.

The following day, I was in Des Moines, Iowa. It was late at night (around 10pm) and most restaurants in town were closed. Luckily, Doozies - a sports bar in the hotel that we were staying in was open. They serve one of the best baby back ribs (or maybe I feel that way because I haven't had one for ages). Regardless, it was enjoyable.

When I arrived at JFK for my flight to London, I hunted down the classic Chinese joint in the food court where your choices are 2 items or 3 items with rice or noodles. You gotta love it!

I got my dose and am good for the next few months! Back to the land of masala dosa, butter chicken and biryani.


monaps said...

What!!! You ate at Baja Fresh!!!! Wait till I tell the kids. I don't think they will let you in the house....:)

Pearly passion said...

Sigh!! Someday...someday....with a sister in Ohio....I need to get these things done and ticked off the "to do"...thanks for a rough gourmet roadmap!