Saturday, June 05, 2010

Now you see me ... now you don't!

I have been having trouble with my vision for the past couple of months but have been resisting a visit to the optometrist. Guess did not want to face the inevitable! I did end up getting an eye exam last week and my worst fears came true. I must now wear bifocals! I got my new pair yesterday and am still trying to get used to them. I am sure it's quite a sight watching me trying to keep my head straight while my eyes are pointed down trying to read a newspaper.

This has been the year where I have really started to feel the passage of time. My body is showing signs (aching back, sore ankles, pain in the joints etc.) of age, while my mind keeps telling me ... "hey, am not quite ready for this!". Need to increase the level of exercise and get back into shape.

Gotta run ... have a yoga session to attend followed by a game of squash and a swim.


Pearly passion said...

Take it easy big guy! We need you up there....too much exercising is also dangerous! :)

Anonymous said...

you just went form 4 eyes to 6 eyes. You are turning into a housefly. That reminds me, I must see The Fly again - loved that movie.