Monday, August 09, 2010

Lost & Found?

Those who remember the hit Hindi movies based on a lost and found theme from director Manmohan Desai will appreciate this. These movies typically had a plot that involved two brothers who are separated in childhood, grow up to become rivals (either in business or one becomes a criminal and the other a police officer etc.), meet under dramatic circumstances and then re-unite.

Last week, I met an old school friend (chaddi-baddi!) of mine after three decades. Sultan Mazharuddin and I were best friends through primary to high school in Hyderabad. We lost touch after leaving school. We attended different colleges in Hyderabad. After college I moved to the US. He stayed back in India for a few years and then moved to Saudi Arabia. We finally connected last year after 30 years and met last week in India. It was a thrill to meet an old friend after such a long time and our meeting was one of the highlights of my recent visit to Hyderabad. Amazingly enough, we picked up from where we left off and caught up to present time in a couple of meetings.

And how did this reunion happen? You guessed it right ... Facebook!

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