Monday, October 04, 2010

Incredible India!

India pulled it off!

India is hosting the 2010 Commonwealth games in Delhi this year. For the past several weeks, the media has been speculating about India's ability to pull it off. There was a constant stream of media reports about shoddy construction, filthy conditions around the stadium, security concerns and criticism about the games anthem composed by A. R. Rahman. All of this coverage created doubt and anxiety in the minds of most Indians while games officials did their best to assure everybody that things were not that bad. The cost of the 2010 Commonwealth games is estimated to be a staggering $2B USD and everybody expected a world-class show for that investment.

Yesterday was the opening ceremony and everybody's fears were laid to rest. India put on a magnificent show and proved to the world that it can. The show was spectacular with amazing pyrotechnics, thousands of performers and an incredible sound and light show. 7000 athletes from over 70 countries are in New Delhi to take part in the games. All the last minute glitches were sorted out in a manner that is uniquely Indian and order has emerged out of the chaos as it can happen only in India.

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