Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 World Cup Fever

The 2011 Cricket World Cup started yesterday. We were here four years ago when the last world cup was held but we had been in India only for a few months at that time. Now we are able to fully experience the feverish pitch and enthusiasm around the tournament. Indians are probably the most passionate about cricket - so your experience based in India is unlike anywhere else.

India is also projected as the front runner this year. The country has not won a World Cup for 20 years. So there is a lot of pressure on team India this year. The media is going crazy with polls, predictions and analysis. Times Now (a leading TV station) is running a GLI (Good Luck India) campaign. Religious heads are performing rites and ceremonies for team India's success. And of course the fans are wishing and praying for the team's victory. It is a frenzy!

Teams from 14 countries are competing for the cup this year. The tournament is being hosted by and played in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. Yesterday, India played the first official match of the tournament against Bangladesh and won by a huge margin of 87 runs. Let's see if team India is able to maintain the intensity and focus to bring home the world cup this year.

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