Saturday, August 06, 2011

Highway signs in Ladakh.

The Border Roads Organization (Indian army) has the responsibility for building and repairing roads and bridges in the Ladakh region. Somebody out there has a real sense of humor. This is evident on the road signs scattered across these perilous and difficult to drive on mountain roads. We started noticing these signs after a couple of days and started compiling a list. Here it is for your reading entertainment:

- Be gentle on my curves
- I am curvaceous but go slow
- Feel my curves slowly
- I love you dear but not so fast
- Better mister late than late mister
- You are not being chased by anyone
- This is a highway, not a runway
- Driving risky after whisky
- Safety on the road means safe tea at home
- Drinking and driving makes a lethal cocktail
- Drive like hell and you will soon be there
- All will wait, better too be late
- Don't mix driving with alcohol
- Speed thrills but kills
- If you are married then divorce speed
- Life is short, don't make it shorter
- Have another day by being safe today

Reading these signs got our creative juices going. So during one of our long drives (returning from Pang Gong lake), we started making up our own road signs to augment the above list.

- Speed up and you'll be in time for your own funeral
- If you can read this sign and translate it in mandarin using google translate, then your driving speed is just fine
- Slow down; where you are going will still be there when you get there
- CRASH! Boom! Crunch!! Sounds you will make if you don't slow down
- Slow down - this is not the highway to hell
- Keep driving fast and I guess we won't see you again
- Where there's a will, there's a reckless driver
- Congrats! You are now qualified to fly a broom
- Road of the brave leads to the grave
- Faster than a speeding bullet? Leave that to superman
- Your undertaker called. Drive faster.
- Calm down … nobody likes an early comer
- Leave the racing to the pros
- Stupid People Ending Everyone's Days (SPEED)
- There's a reason the monk sold his Ferrari
- Drive too fast and this will be the last thing you will see
- Life's not a rehearsal - so no do overs
- Speed is better as a drug
- Enjoying the curves? Take your time
- If we were meant to go this fast, we would have been given wings
- To prevent unwanted accidents .. use protection
- Enjoy Leh … it's ok to be late
- If you overtake, then death will take over
- There is no need for speed in real life

There were a few more but unfortunately they were unsuitable for publication.

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