Sunday, December 11, 2011

A living tree comes home this holiday

Mona and Ayaana working on the tree
It's December and the holiday season is upon us.  This is our favorite time of the year and it is great to be back home in Los Angeles this year for the holidays.  It is a perfect time for meeting friends and family, entertaining and be entertained.  The house looks festive as all the holiday decorations come out.  Ayaana has her holiday scene setup on top of her piano and gift stockings are hanging on a mantle.

Some months ago (while we were still in Bangalore), I read about this company, The Living Christmas,  that provides live christmas trees.  I tracked them down and turns out that they are local.  So we decided to get a live tree this year.  The tree comes home in a pot with it's roots intact.  At the end of the season, the tree is picked up and replanted instead of drying up and going waste.  If we choose to, we can adopt the tree and we would get the same tree each year.  I thought it was a brilliant concept.

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