Friday, November 17, 2006

Service Oriented Culture!

India has a strong service oriented culture. So no surprise that it is becoming a destination for service oriented industries for companies worldwide. Indians aim to please and you will never hear "no" for an answer. But even I did not fully understand the extent of the service orientation of folks here until the a small incident last week.

We ordered some sandwiches for lunch at work. For some, this conjures up an image of a tray full of an assortment of sandwiches and bags of chips along with some soda cans. My sandwich came piping hot, served individually in a plate by a staff member at the office. To top it all, the little packet of ketchup was neatly cut so that I would not have to struggle to tear the top of!

Top this, Subway!!!


Anonymous said...

i've not been to india and as i read your blog, i would probably consider india as one of the country i desire to visit.

aanish said...

are the sandwiches cut in little triangular shapes