Monday, November 13, 2006

Space .... the final frontier

There is simply not enough of it in Bangalore! This became evident to me very quickly during my morning and evening commute to/from work. Rush hour in Bangalore is from 9AM to 8PM. The distance between my guest house and the office is about 2km (1.2 miles for all my "we hate the metric system" friends in the US). On a good day (about once in a year), I can do this commute in 15 minutes. On a bad day (about 364 days in a year), this can take upto 40 minutes.

Being in traffic is an exhilarating experience and really gets your juices going in the morning. Cars drive within an inch of each other and within half an inch of pedestrians! Nobody has the right of way. The city has grown faster than it ever anticipated and the infrastructure is definitely playing catch up. On a positive note, there is a ton of road construction underway, a new metro is supposed to be coming up soon and there is planned expansion in the works. Another 20 years, and you will not be able to recognize the city!!!


mick said...

can't you get someone to carry you to work and back if it's only a mile, like a human rickshaw? try piggyback style and have the guy wait at the office. sounds like a another good business plan to me.


Mona said...

Why don't you walk the mile and help ease the congestion. By the way Mick you'll never find any investors in your business plan.

aanish said...

that could work but then you would have to find someone to carry you every day and they would probably want a lot of money plus you would just look wierd

Anonymous said...

How about brisk walking? No need o go the gym.

Anonymous said...

I think i would need a few people to carry me. Not cost effective for me. They would have to wait outside the office all day and it would look strange. But it would work for kids - we could call it Kid Kab!


mtpoktz said...

I agree with Mona. 1.2 miles on foot should never take 40 minutes.
Glad I found your Blog.