Friday, December 15, 2006

Peanuts and coke

I was on my first domestic flight in the US last week and flying from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. It is roughly a five hour flight and mine was an afternoon flight on American Airlines. As we reached the appropriate altitude, the hostess made her usual announcements about duration, flight time, dos and donts etc. followed by a description of in-flight food service.

The food service (Reminder: this is an afternoon, five-hour flight) consisted of a beverage. That is it. No peanuts, no pretzels, no cookie, nothing! A snack box was available for purchase ($10!) with two choices, both of which sounded unappetizing.

Of course, all of this reminded me of the 40-minute hops between Bangalore and Chennai where they fed you like this was going to be your last meal. I am reminded of the hot idlies, tasty snacks, yummy dessert, beverage and water served by polite and hospitable crew.

I remember reading recently that food service is not a significant expense item on an airlines budget. So what is wrong with this picture?


aanish said...

maybe the pilot and the crew in america are really hungry and always need to eat, so they don't have food to feed you

also you don't want a pilot that is very hungry

Mick said...

you gotta be smart nowadays, take your own food on board in tiffins(your idlis, samosas, pakoras, chicken tikka, biryani,...) on board and have a feast. You'll be the envy of all the other passengers who have no choice but to smell the delicious fragrances of your smorgasbord! But no vindaloo or tindaloo - as it will send you directly to the loo!

Don't forget the masala chai! I am feeling hungry now.

Vijay said...

Wow Pervez... reverse culture shock !!!

By the way isn't it pretzels on the US flights these days?