Monday, December 11, 2006

Bangalore International

Phase 1 of my visit to India came to an end on Saturday, December 9th as I headed back for Los Angeles. I have spent over six weeks here and this place is beginning to feel like home now. But I am excited about returning. I have not been away this long from Mona, Aanish and Ayaana and can't wait to see them.

As I sat and watched the surroundings at the Bangalore International Airport waiting for my flight, I could see the transformation going on in India. I see a young American man walking in wearing a USC Trojans cap. A group of Chinese business men in suits are sitting in chairs across the aisle talking animatedly. Two women from Netherlands were sitting next to me and were in India for two days. They were in the banking business and were in India meeting with vendors and suppliers of banking software. They could not stop talking about their visit to the Infosys campus in Bangalore. I have heard that their campus in Mysore is even more spectacular.

There were about half dozen flights scheduled to depart to places all over the world within the next hour. The size of the crowds clearly indicated that every one of these was going to be packed!

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