Wednesday, December 06, 2006

You can run but you can't hide

In a recent post, I was expressing my amazement at the connectedness that is enabled through technology. Well, I must confess that this connectedness is now making me paranoid!

About 2-3 weeks ago, I got my new blackberry and was happy to have my e-mail on the go. I had to go to the local Airtel office to pick up the handset and order service. The folks there were really nice and polite and tried to sell me a whole bunch of other stuff that I did not need.

Turns out that within a week or so, the Airtel billing cycle ended and my bill was due. This is supposed to be handled automatically by the company but apparently somebody forgot to tell Airtel. Thus far, I have received half dozen SMS messages, 2-3 e-mails and a couple of voice calls asking (politely demanding) payment. I have no way of turning this off and folks at the office swear that the invoices have been paid. Apparently the folks in the billing department and the harass-the-customer-for-payments-that-have-already-been-made department do not speak to each other often.

.... Hold on ... I am getting a call!

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aanish said...

When somebody calls you (or email's you), it says, from "blah blah." Just keep responding to them and say dumb things and annoy them, until they stop calling you.