Friday, September 19, 2008

Green Inc.

The other day we received a flyer in the mail with some information on waste reduction/management and green practices in companies. As I was reading through the list of recommendations (reducing paper consumption, electricity usage etc.), I realized that companies in India operate in an environmentally conscious manner.

One thing you notice as you walk into large corporate offices is the lack of paper. Desks are remarkably clean and a majority of the work is done on-line. Also - you don't see much food waste (such as sandwich wrappers, cans, plastic bags etc.). Most companies have cafeterias where lunch is prepared home style for the employees and glass or steel plates and cutlery is available. Most restrooms in corporate buildings have electric hand dryers and power saving devices are installed to minimize power consumption by turning lights on and off based on motion detection.

As rapid growth continues, it is heartening to see that many of these companies are committed to responsible growth in terms of the environment!

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