Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Voting from India!!

The Bangalore chapter of Democrats Abroad started about 3 months ago and already claims a membership of close to 200 individuals. The chapter has been very active in mobilizing the Democrat expats living in Bangalore in supporting Obama/Biden in the upcoming elections.

Mona and I attended our first event over the weekend - a dinner party to watch the first presidential debate. The evening was a lot of fun. There were about 50 people from all over the US - some friends of ours and many new faces. I had already watched the second half of the debate in the morning but it was fun to watch the recorded version all over again with fellow Democrats. The stations were reported mixed results but in Bangalore - Obama's victory was undisputed.

Of course, in India, you cannot have any event without lots of good food and this event did not disappoint. It was a potluck event and there was a huge variety of great food.

A good friend Sean announced the next event at his house to watch the vice presidential debate. Unfortunately, I am traveling on business and will miss that event but I am sure it will be an equally fun and a bit more entertaining event.

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Samiha said...


This is Samiha from Deccan Chronicle, Bengaluru. We are doing a story on American citizens who have voted for the elections from Bangalore through the Democrats abroad chapter.

Could you knidly give your email address or telephone number so that I can ask you a few questions or could you atleast get me in touch with US expats in Bangalore who have voted?

You may contact me at my email address


Samiha Nettikkara