Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's not a movie ... it's an experience!

This was the consistent theme in the headlines for the reviews of James Cameron's new movie Avatar. The movie was released a couple of weeks ago and I have already seen it twice. But this post is not about the movie (which was truly awesome!). Rather I wanted to write about our movie watching experience itself.

There is theater chain in Bangalore called PVR, located in the Forum mall. They have a class of seating called Gold Class. Tickets sell for over $25 each. We decided to see Avatar in the Gold Class at PVR - our first such experience. A typical movie ticket in India in a regular theater sells for about $3-$4. So we were curious what $25 would buy us.

It starts to become clear the moment you walk in to the theater. Gold Class is actually a separate mini-theater that seats about 30 people. The theater lobby resembles the lobby of a 5-star hotel with plush couches, reception and courteous staff. Each seat in the theater is a fully reclining lazy-boy couch. A hostess is available to take your food and drink order and bring you pillows and blankets if you need them. The food menu contains the usual fare such as a bucket of popcorn and nachos to a full range of items such as hot pizza, kababs and sandwiches. Food is served in real china and is brought to your seat when you ask for it.

We have been in Bangalore for three years and can't believe that we have not discovered this earlier! Can't imagine watching movies any other way.


Anonymous said...

they just opened up one in Pasadena. I think Mick and Seema went and saw Avatar last week. I cant wait to go!

Service Apartments in Bangalore-Apex suites said...

Its really a good experience to see movie in gold class at PVR forum mall.