Saturday, January 23, 2010

Aanish on the move!

Aanish took his SAT exam today. I went to drop him off at the exam center, which was packed with over a hundred high school students aspiring for admissions to universities in the US. I watched the kids walk in to the building ready to take the exam and was thinking to myself ... "here go a batch of leaders who will be taking over the world from us". I watched Aanish with some mixed emotions. Proud at his accomplishments, ambition and drive and sad as we move closer to the day that he will set out to create a life of his own.

Earlier this week, Mona and I were attending the investiture ceremony at Indus. Aanish has been elected as the Student Editor and will be part of this year's student council. It was another moment of pride for both of us to see him standing among future leaders - looking smart in their student uniforms and marching with a purpose. I nearly choked when we went up on the stage to pin the badge on him.

Our little boy has grown into a young man and is ready to chase his dreams!

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