Saturday, April 16, 2011

The eagles are ready to fly

The students at Indus International School in Bangalore are referred to as eagles because when eagles fly high when the skies get cloudy. Yesterday was graduation day at Indus for the 12th graders and a new batch of eagles are now ready to fly. The school believes in leadership, whole development and being prepared to adapt to new situations quickly. This was illustrated yesterday when rains came down in Bangalore yesterday and put a damper on Indus's plan to hold the graduation ceremony in the open air amphitheater. But the school administration reacted quickly and the program was moved to the indoor sports complex and started only 15 minutes late.

The CEO spoke about embracing failures and learning from them quickly. The principal encouraged the students to become lifelong learners. The chief guest urged them to consider teaching as a profession and the IB coordinator reminded them to respect teachers and parents.

As each student was awarded the graduation certificate, their profile flashed on a large screen. It was amazing to see young and confident teenagers ready to rush out into the world and explore the vast array of opportunities ahead of them. These 50 or so students are setting out to be journalists, designers, oceanographers, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors and lawyers. By next year, this group will be spread out all over the world - China, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Korea and India.

Needless to say, it was a proud evening for Mona and I to see Aanish in his green cap and gown receive his graduation certificate and an award for excelling in Economics. We are getting ready to see our young eagle leave his nest and fly out into the world to define his own destiny.


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Touching :)

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Indus Eagles always are winners!

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Nice Aanish !!

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Aanish looks cute :)