Friday, May 06, 2011

The king is back!

No, Elvis was not spotted in Bangalore. I am talking about the return of the mango season in India. Mango is commonly referred to as the king of fruits in India. It is a seasonal fruit and makes it appearance in early May. The season will probably last for about 3 months. We had the first mangoes of the season this week and .. yes, it is confirmed. The mango is undoubtedly the king of fruits!

We generally consume our mango in two different ways - you eat it and you can make a thick juice (ras) out it. To eat it, you slice it into pieces around the hard core. Then you suck the soft pulp directly off the skin. Die hard enthusiasts will even suck the pulp of the hard core. If you are having it in the liquid form, it is best had with hot, fried pooris or special thin rotis.

It is a not-to-be-missed experience!


Radhika Kamma said...

Yumm.... :)

Himani Sood said...

How do you make the liquid form? :)

Ericka the Vanilla Perv said...

I love the way you wrote this. Soooo good. <3 Erica

Anonymous said...

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